The Boodles Tennis is an invitation-only exhibition tournament that takes place annually in the United Kingdom, usually in June. The tournament is held at Stowe School, Buckinghamshire, England, and it features some of the top players in the world, including Grand Slam champions and top-ranked players. It is a pre-Wimbledon warm-up event and the tournament is known for its relaxed and informal atmosphere and it is held on grass courts.

The tournament is not part of the ATP or WTA tour, it is considered as an exhibition, which means that there are no ranking points awarded. The tournament is known for its unique format, with matches featuring short sets, no-ad scoring, and tiebreaks at 3-3. The tournament also features a doubles event, with a mix of current and past players.

The tournament has been organised by Boodles, a luxury jewellery company, since 2002 and it is considered one of the most exclusive events in the tennis calendar.

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