Event Transportation

Terms of Service

For HYRYDE’s Event Services, the following tailored terms and conditions are proposed to ensure a commitment that aligns with your brand’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. 


Booking and Confirmation

Event Service bookings should be confirmed by the customer in writing, detailing the specific requirements of the service. HYRYDE will provide a confirmation of the booking along with the itinerary and any agreed-upon special requests. 


Cancellation Policy for Event Services

If a booking is cancelled up to 4 weeks prior to the event, HYRYDE offers a full refund or a transfer of credit for a future event. Cancellations made less than 4 weeks before the event incur a 100% cancellation fee based on the estimated total invoice value. 


Payment Terms

For Event Services, a deposit of 70% of the estimated invoice value is required in advance, with the remaining balance due after the event’s completion. Payment can be made via BACs, credit/debit cards and is charged in GBP, EUR, or USD, excluding taxes. 


Change and Rescheduling Flexibility

Requests to reschedule or change details will be accommodated where possible. Charges may apply according to the cancellation policy. 


Service Adjustments

If changes are made to the booking, such as upgrading or downgrading the vehicle type within the set cancellation period, full charge for the original booking will still apply. 


Pricing Adjustments

All fares are subject to change but will be communicated and agreed upon before the service is provided. 

Any additional services or changes requested after the initial booking may incur additional charges. 


Gratuities and Extra Charges

We suggest a standard gratuity of up to 20%, unless otherwise specified.

For groups of 50 more travellers, a 15% service fee will added. Please note, extra charges may be incurred for additional stops, waiting times, or last-minute changes to the itinerary


Meeting and Greet Services

For Event Services that include meeting and greeting, there is a required 2-4 weeks’ notice. Different time frames apply to different services & countries, such as airport arrivals and gate services. 


Waiting Times

HYRYDE offers a 60-minute grace period post flight landing time before waiting charges apply. For non-airport pickups, a 15-minute grace period applies. 


Surcharge Policies

Certain services may include additional charges such as holiday surcharges, night surcharges, or for services provided outside of standard hours. 


Liability and Conduct

HYRYDE is not liable for delays or loss of personal property and maintains the right to refuse service to any passenger whose conduct is deemed inappropriate. 


Chauffeur Details

HYRYDE chauffeurs are highly trained professionals who prioritise safety and discretion. All chauffeurs undergo extensive background checks and are required to maintain confidentiality regarding client activities and conversations. 


Vehicle Standards

HYRYDE’s fleet consists of late-model, luxury vehicles that are regularly serviced and maintained to ensure reliability and comfort. Each vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and prepared before every event service. 


Standby Vehicles

HYRYDE offers standby vehicles for events to ensure immediate availability and flexibility. The minimum hire period for standby vehicles varies by country, accommodating 8, 10, 12, or 24-hour blocks as per local regulations and operational capabilities.

For hires of 24 hours, HYRYDE implements chauffeur rotation to comply with legal working hour restrictions and to guarantee service quality and chauffeur alertness. This ensures that clients receive continuous, reliable service while also upholding the welfare of our chauffeurs.


Vehicle and Travel

The chauffeur has discretion over vehicle speeds and routes based on road and traffic conditions. The route taken may not necessarily be the shortest, if not agreed upon prior to the journey. 



Services for passengers with disabilities are available upon request, with vehicles equipped to ensure a comfortable experience. 


Customer Service

In case of complaints, HYRYDE has a procedure that involves logging the issue in their CRM system and keeping the customer updated until the resolution.


Chauffeur Accommodations

For events requiring overnight stays for chauffeurs, appropriate accommodations are to be provided or arranged by HYRYDE as per the agreed standards. 


Special Requests

HYRYDE endeavours to accommodate special requests, which should be communicated in advance for the best service. 


On-site Coordination

For large-scale events, HYRYDE will provide on-site coordination and direction to manage complex logistics. Additional fees will apply.


Event Continuity and Communication

Real-time communication is ensured throughout the event, including pre-event calls and consistent updates until the event’s conclusion. 


Duty of Care

HYRYDE maintains a strong commitment to passenger safety, with comprehensive insurance coverage and adherence to safety standards. 


Privacy Commitment

HYRYDE is dedicated to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of all passengers, especially corporate executive travellers. 


Force Majeure

HYRYDE is not liable for failure to fulfil its obligations due to causes beyond its control, including but not limited to acts of nature, labour disputes, or disruptions in transportation networks.



This set of terms and conditions is designed to protect both HYRYDE and its clientele, ensuring a clear understanding of service expectations for Event Services. It is crucial to review and customize these terms to align with HYRYDE’s operational policies and legal requirements.

Additionally, our service is subject to availability. While we strive to accommodate all requests, there may be limitations on the number of chauffeurs and vehicles available for a given date and time.