Terms & Conditions

Provision of Service

To provide the executive with a professional Chauffeur, Executive Car Service by the terms as laid down and to always demonstrate a totally flexible approach to business of all nature.

  1. General
  2. Carriage of Passengers
  3. Sub-Contractors
  4. Billing & Cancellations
  5. Transfers & Waiting Times
  6. Additional Information & Liability
  7. Operating Centre
  8. Welfare & Safety Management
  9. Customer Complaints Procedure
  10. Behavioural Etiquette – Chauffeur and Passenger:
  1. General

hyryde.com is operated by HYRYDE LTD. United Kingdom Company Number 11393123 (‘us’) which is the Data Controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act You may contact us at the following address:

HYRYDE LTD, Unit 14 Easter Industrial Estate, Ferry Lane, Rainham, RM13 9BP.

HYRYDE enables its customers to book transportation services through its online platform and take bookings via an app and over telephone.

HYRYDE a London PHV operator is responsible for both accepting the booking as well as the provision of the journey and referred to in the rest of this guidance as the transportation services.

HYRYDE has a contractual agreement between the passenger for the booking as well as the provision of the transportation services; refers to fares for the journey being collected by HYRYDE or collected by the chauffeur on behalf of HYRYDE, including arrangements where the chauffeur acts as the agent for HYRYDE in collecting fares.

Only HYRYDE can cancel a booking with a passenger, although the chauffeur may reject an offer from HYRYDE to carry out a particular journey and that liability in relation to the transportation services belongs to HYRYDE.

  1. Carriage of Passengers

The following terms and conditions shall apply where the Carrier is engaged for the carriage of passengers. Quotations are made subject to a suitable vehicle being available.

Quotations are given in accordance with details provided by the Customer. Unless otherwise stated, admission charges, meals, accommodation, and parking charges for special events are not included in the price.

2.1 Where hours are agreed with the Carrier for the long distance of passengers, these must be strictly observed (except for serious emergency or diversion) to comply with the current regulations governing driver’s hours and rest periods. The Carrier reserves the right to curtail or otherwise alter any hire that does not comply with the relevant regulations.

2.2 Transit commences when the passengers aboard the vehicle and ends when they leave the vehicle, or upon arrival at the end destination, whichever is the earlier. The Customer must not load any vehicle beyond the number of passengers that it is legally permitted to carry.

2.3 No animals may be carried without the prior written agreement of the Carrier.

2.4 The Carrier will not be liable for any loss incurred by a passenger who fails to join the vehicle at the agreed time.

2.5 The Carrier shall not be liable for any damage to, or loss of any property left on the vehicle by a passenger. All articles of lost property recovered from a vehicle will be held at the depot at which the vehicle is based and shall be disposed of by the Carrier.

2.6 The chauffeur is responsible for the safety of the vehicle. Any passengers whose conduct believes to be threatening, drunken and disorderly, abusive, dangerous or in breach of any statutory regulation may be removed from a vehicle or prevented from boarding. The Customer will be responsible for the conduct of any passenger and shall indemnify the Carrier for any damage or injury caused to the vehicle and chauffeur by the Customer or any passenger.

  1. Subcontractors

HYRYDE may engage any agent or sub-contractor to fulfil the contract and shall provide the name of such agent or sub-contractor to the Customer upon request. HYRYDE take full responsibility and ownership of any of such agent or Subcontractor.

3.1 The carriage of any consignment by rail, sea, inland waterway, or air is arranged by the carrier as agent of the customer and shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant sub-contracted carrier.

  1. Billing & Cancellations

4.1. Cancellations – Group / Event Transportation

If you notify HYRYDE of your cancellation up to 4 weeks prior to the event, HYRYDE will provide a full refund or offer a transfer of credit for another event. If you notify HYRYDE of your cancellation less than 4 weeks then HYRYDE will charge a 100% cancellation fee on the estimated total value of the Invoice.

4.2 Cancellations – General Airport Transfer / Point to Point

Cancellations received within 24hrs of the commencement of the service will be charged at a minimum charge rate except Airport transfer or No shows at Airports / Docks and any other destination which is not an inner-city centre will be charged at full fare.

4.2 Cancellations – Coaches

Cancellations are to be made with 4 weeks’ notice given, any cancellations within this period will be charged at 100%.

4.3 Payment – General

Payments are to be made via credit/debit cards. All our rates are charged in GBP (£), EURO (€) or US Dollars ($) and are exclusive of taxes.

4.4 Payment – Group / Event

A deposit of 70% of the total value of the invoice amount (approximation) will be payable in advance to HYRYDE and the remaining 30% amount will be payable after completion of the project. All our rates are charged in (£) GBP, (€) EURO or ($) US Dollar’s and are exclusive of taxes.

  1. Transfers & Waiting Times

5.1 Airport Arrivals

Airport meeting instructions vary according to the arrival airport. HYRYDE Chauffeur’s are in constant communication with our dispatch office via the messaging system. Should you have any difficulty finding the chauffeur, please call +44 20 7117 6023 and we will locate your car and chauffeur. To avoid a No-show fee, please do not leave the designated meeting location without notifying us.

Our computerized system constantly monitors and updates flight arrival information; you will never pay waiting time on a delayed flight. In most cases your chauffeur will meet you in the arrival’s hall. If you do not immediately locate your chauffeur, please call +44 20 7117 6023 to speak to a dispatcher who will assist you in locating your chauffeur.

5.2 Private Airports

On all arrivals, HYRYDE requires the following information: Airport name; name of fixed base operator (FBO) and telephone number; passengers name, tail number, estimated arrival time, contact number for individual responsible for the reservation and passenger’s cell phone number (if available).

5.3 Train & Piers

On all arrival at train or piers, please call +44 20 7117 6023 to speak to a dispatcher who will assist you in locating your chauffeur.

5.3.2 Additional Miles/Kilometres for Hourly Bookings

Hourly bookings contain the miles/kilometres (per hour) that are stated on the booking form (or by phone). Any additional miles/kilometres are subject to surcharge, including VAT, and are calculated according to the price per mile/kilometre of the particular municipal area as well as the vehicle category.

5.3.3 a surcharge will be added for services provided outside of sociable hours dependant on city location.

5.4 Waiting Time / Hourly Rates

For airport pick-ups, free 60 minute grace time is given after flight landing time.

For general pick-ups, free 15 minute grace time is given from the schedule time of pick-up.

After the grace time, waiting time is rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes, waiting time charges are based on vehicle type and are accrued per quarter.

Hourly rates are based on vehicle type and are accrued per hour.

4hr minimum hire for Business Sedan

6hr minimum hire for First Class Luxury Sedan

6hr minimum hire for Business SUV | Van

5.5 Holiday Surcharges

A surcharge of 25% will be added for services provided on Bank Holiday or Public Holidays except Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, which will be 100%.

5.6 Night Surcharges

A surcharge of 25% will be added for services provided between the hours of midnight (12.00 am) to 05.00am.

5.7 Concerts and Sporting Events

All concerts and sporting events must be reserved as hourly service. HYRYDE does not provide pick up and drop off service for sporting events or concerts.

5.8 Termination

This agreement may be terminated by the client without prior notice if the supplier fails to observe and perform to the terms and conditions contained herein.

  1. Additional Information & Liability

6.1 All hiring is calculated as start and finish from the city centre.

6.2 Time charge will be rounded to the nearest 15 minutes.

6.3 Airport / Dock transfer will be charged for the direct journeys to or from the city centre, wait and return Airport / Dock transfer journeys will be charged at the basic rate – outside city centre.

6.4 Parking fees, Entrance fees, surface transport charges are accrued at cost.

6.5 60 Minute free waiting is given after the flight landing time, there after waiting is accrued at every 15 minutes increments.

6.6 15 Minute free waiting time is given at central pick-up points (Non-Airport) there after waiting is accrued at every 15 minutes increments.

6.7 Any hiring involving a set down and subsequent pickup will be invoiced as continuous hire, unless the interval between the set-down and pickup is three (3) hours or more, at the time reservation is made.

6.8 A gratuity charge of 10% is added to your invoice, this is discretionary.

6.9 The company’s chauffeur will drive at reasonable speeds according to his / her judgement of road and traffic conditions at any given time.

6.10 When the client desires to travel to a particular place the chauffeur will travel by the route which is in his / her opinion the most suitable at the time whether the route is shortest or not. No allowances will be made unless a route is agreed prior to the journey.

6.11 Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

6.12 All prices are subject to government taxes (VAT), current rate set at 20% for UK.

6.13 HYRYDE accepts no liability for delays however caused or the loss however caused of client’s personal property. Please see section 6.14 (service) and 6.17 (lost Property) for further terms

6.14 Every effort is made for the faultless running of the vehicles, but no responsibility can be accepted for any breakdown whatsoever or any additional expense or loss incurred by the clients or passenger/s thereafter. HYRYDE will ensure passenger safety at all times and will endeavour to support client alternative means of transportation in the event of vehicle or travel destination disruption. All vehicles are cleaned prior to departure, but no liability can be accepted for clothing etc., being marked, stained, or dirtied by road dirt, oil, or grease from any part of the vehicles.

6.15 Luggage and personal effects are carried on or in our vehicles at the owner’s risk. Gangways, doorways, and emergency exits must not be obstructed. It is the clients / passenger’s responsibility to ensure that the correct number of cases / pieces of luggage is loaded / unloaded and the figure should be agreed with the chauffeur / driver. The Company does not guarantee to carry all luggage or effects by a single party or parties on any one journey. The chauffeur / driver is the sole arbiter as to the carriage of passengers, luggage, and its storage.

6.16 Without prior notice: The Company reserves the right to amend, change, delete or add to these terms and conditions whenever necessary.

6.17 Lost and found items will be logged in to the HYRYDE CRM system and customer / passenger will be contacted accordingly. If the customer/passenger contacts HYRYDE, we will contact the Chauffeur to allocate and advise on item missing. All recordings will be logged and dealt with in a timely manner. Items unclaimed will be disposed after a 3-month period.

  1. Operating Facilities

7.1 Operating Centre – Unit 14, 1st Floor, Easter Industrial Estate, Ferry Lane, Rainham, RM13 9BP

7.2 Voice Contact Centre – Unit 14, 1st Floor, Easter Industrial Estate, Ferry Lane, Rainham, RM13 9BP

  1. Welfare & Safety Management

8.1 HYRYDE provides employees with practical guidance on the following:

    1. Clean facilities to eat and drink.
    2. Adequate breaks and resting periods.

III. Onsite toilets and wash area.

    1. Smoking areas outside of building.
    2. Private meeting rooms for formal 1-2-1’s and an open-door policy for all employees.
    3. Health and Safety training provided for nominated employees.

VII. Regular fire drills.

8.2 Customer Welfare and Safety Management

    1. Understanding customer requirements in detail, providing any additional support that may be required.
    2. Adapting to customer needs.

III. Liaising with stakeholders of each booking to ensure information provided is correct.

    1. Trained Chauffeurs keeping in-line with driver policies and procedures.
    2. Clean and Safety checked vehicles.
    3. 24/7 365 days customer service centre.

VII. Operational staff in direct contact with Chauffeur and Customer ensuring communicative responses for any diversions or unplanned occurrences.

  1. Customer Complaints Procedures

9.1 HYRYDE’s dedicated Customer Service team will understand and acknowledge the complaint in detail, and gather all information provided.

9.2 An internal case will be opened and logged on to CRM system until resolved and customer is happy with resolution.

9.3 Customer will be kept up to date with case if prolonged.

9.4 Time estimation will be given where applicable.

9.5 An agreement to be acknowledged by customer and customer services team member via email and recorded.

9.6 All calls recorded to ensure validation where applicable.

9.7 Case closed once a suitable resolution of complaint has been met.

  1. Behavioural Etiquette – Chauffeur and Passenger:

10.1 Zero Tolerance Policy:

    1. Aggressive, violent, or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
    2. Both passengers and chauffeurs must adhere to this policy.

10.2 Examples of Unacceptable Behaviour:

I. Passengers:

    1. Using bad language or swearing at the chauffeur.
    2. Physically assaulting or threatening the chauffeur.
    3. Verbal abuse in any form.
    4. Racial abuse or sexual harassment.
    5. Abusing staff on social media.
    6. Making unreasonable demands.

II. Chauffeurs:

    1. Responding aggressively or disrespectfully to passengers.
    2. Engaging in any form of violence.
    3. Using offensive language.
    4. Discriminating against passengers.
    5. Retaliating on social media.
    6. Ignoring reasonable requests.

10.3 Immediate Consequences:

I. If aggressive behaviour occurs:

    1. The chauffeur may terminate the ride immediately.
    2. The passenger’s services may be restricted or cancelled.
    3. Legal action may be pursued if necessary.

10.4 Reporting and Documentation:

    1. Both parties should report incidents promptly.
    2. Document details, including date, time, location, and nature of the behaviour.
    3. HYRYDE maintains records for accountability.

10.5 Safety Measures:

    1. Chauffeurs should prioritise safety and avoid confrontations.
    2. Passengers should remain calm and respectful even in challenging situations.

Remember, a respectful and professional environment benefits everyone involved. Let’s ensure a positive experience for both passengers and chauffeurs.

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