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Duty of Care

As the UK moves to the stage of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, the uncertainty in the travel sector is how travellers will maintain safe measures during the recovery period, and beyond.

Duty of Care refers to the moral and legal obligations of employers to their employees, contractors, volunteers and related family members in maintaining their well-being, security and safety when working, posted on international assignments or working in remote areas of their home country. In those circumstances, individuals and organisations have legal obligations to act prudently to avoid the risk of reasonably foreseeable injury or exposures leading to ill health.

The question on everyone’s minds is how they should protect themselves where guidelines on social distancing are difficult to achieve. One of the most common forms of protection is a face mask, but as there are different types of masks, it can be difficult to ascertain which one is best to protect you, and others that come within close proximity. Hyryde wants to ensure the passenger, and chauffeur, are protected at all times.

Hyryde have taken the following procedures to implement a policy that will follow strict guidelines for all passengers, chauffeurs and employees.

Passengers / Chauffeurs / Vehicles

  • I. Welcome care package provided for every passenger
    • a. KN95 re-usable face mask
    • b. Antibacterial hand sanitizer 75% alcohol
    • c. Disposable gloves
    • d. Antibacterial surface wipes
    • e. Carry pouch bag
  • II. Chauffeurs
    • a. Single use masks and gloves for every journey
    • b. No handshakes, a professional welcome greet
    • c. No touching of luggage *where applicable
    • d. Will open door for client, when entering and exiting the vehicle
  • III. Vehicles
    • a. All vehicles will be only used for a maximum of 4 trips, per day
    • b. Protecting of all client touch points cleaned and sanitized before each journey
    • c. Internal deep clean of vehicles after each day
    • d. Paperless material on board – No magazines or newspapers
  • IV. Vehicle Capacity
    • a. 1 passenger – all sedans
    • b. More than 1 passenger – Business V-Class will be provided, maximum 3 passengers
    • c. Chessboard seating arrangements for more than 1 passenger

Strategic Partners & Affiliates

  • I. In accordance with all processes
    • a. All affiliates and strategic partners will implement all Hyryde processes, to ensure consistent safety measures for every part of the service.